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a funny list of the struggles t-rex's face in their daily life

15 Struggles T-Rex's Face With Their Short Arms

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Run! Run For Your Nine Lives!

Cats the internets t rex - 5948913664
Created by Plastreaka

The T-Rex Had a Bunch of Problems

body issues dinosaurs t rex web comics - 8237824768
Via The Doghouse Diaries

I Guess You Could Say I'm Stumped

dinosaurs t rex web comics - 8050033152
Created by TrishyWishyWoo

That Explains Why The Records Are So Dodgy About Them

dinosaurs t rex web comics selfie - 8192849920

Add Dinosaur, Make Epic

america dinosaur george washington horse reaction guys t rex usa - 4867080960
Created by trollfacegod


america reaction guys the internets t rex washington - 3192908032
Created by ihasacheesesteak