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From the Movies super heros super powers superman - 4364463360
By ElWardano

Dating: Superman Versus Batman

batman superman dating web comics - 8748699392
Via Souljunk

A Match Made in Heaven

Via dragonarte

Make Sure to Check Your Camera Settings

batman superman flash Make Sure to Check Your Camera Settings
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Did You Just Burp? Rude.

web comics superman clark kent Did You Just Burp? Rude.
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Superman's Real Nemesis is Higher Learning

superheroes superman web comics - 8762277376
Via Tales of Absurdity

Able to Take Great Photos in a Single Bound

airplanes meme photos superman the internets - 5658275072
By Unknown

Superman? More Like Stupor Man, AMIRITE?

superheroes batman superman web comics - 8309102848
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Kevin's In Denial...

superman - 4633808128
By TTTERocks

When You See It...

glasses super heroes superman TV - 6411036160
By braistorms

I Can Show You the World

web comics superman I Can Show You the World
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Oh Jimmy...

Clark Kent dating jk puns superman - 4504824832
By TTTERocks

So.... No?

web comics superman batman So.... No?
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That DC Banter Is Just Savage

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Now Here's an Alien I've Never Met Before

Aliens best of week comic doctor who superman tardis the internets - 5667250432
By Unknown

It's Not Funny Guys

superman green lantern web comics It's Not Funny Guys
Via mad-super-villain
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