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Curse You Summer

fashion summer struggles funny web comics - 8802326528
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Now I'm Ready For Summer

best of week exercise forever alone summer the internets - 6257581312
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Have Fun Back at School

boring expectations reality school summer the internets - 5079244288
By T_r_o_lol

Don't You Dare Leave Your House Without Considering These Invaluable Summer Fashion Tips!

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A Decidedly Bittersweet Kind of Goodbye

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Seasons Change

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For Some People, There Is Only Pale or Sunburnt

web comics sunburn beach For Some People, There Is Only Pale or Sunburnt
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Mosquito Season is Nigh

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Summer Livin'

summer sleeping web comics - 8208883456
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Summer Is Here People

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Hipster Summer

From the Movies hipster summer the Beatles - 5369079296
By zealmeida

A Lovely Day at the Beach...

beach expectations vs reality sand summer swimming the internets - 6459284736
By Unknown

Don't Forget Sunburn!

web comics summer heat Don't Forget Sunburn!
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I Mean That Blood Ain't Gonna Suck Itself

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The Weather Can't Be Nice All The Time

summer weather sad but true sun web comics - 8256512000
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Summer in a Nutshell

forever alone summer partying video games funny - 7472560896
By Nathan0526
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