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They Took Our Jobs

rip South Park steve jobs TV - 5280610048
Created by koaieus ( Via browncardigan.com )


apple iphone mac steve jobs the internets - 3608341248
See all captions Created by Unknown


apple Bill Gates meme rip steve jobs the internets - 5280721920
Created by Boat

How Steve Jobs Sees Heaven

best of week Bill Gates rip steve jobs the internets - 5306420480
Created by vivalapivo


Bill Gates computers macs steve jobs the internets - 3539046400
See all captions Created by jedduff

Steve Might Need a Loan for Those Medical Bills. Too Soon?

apple best of week celebutard ceo classic steve jobs - 5127516416
Via www.lolsnort.com

There's an App for That

apple Bill Gates celebutard gps steve jobs - 5023980544
Via iraffiruse.net

It Was the PC

Bill Gates comic heaven meme steve jobs the internets virus - 5389332480
Created by Bendyrulz

Adam And Eve Deciding on a Phone Plan

adam and eve apple steve jobs web comics - 8386061824
Via Bing

Steve Can Now Help God On His Next One

god steve jobs tablet the internets - 5504607744
Created by llamas96


economy environment green puns steve jobs the internets - 3885769216
Created by Ton_majstor

Steve Jobs is Basically Isaac Newton

Via Tubey Toons

I Bet They Couldn't Even Flip a Five

apple Bill Gates celebutard computer PC steve jobs windows - 4823921664
Via gkoogz.tumblr.com

Very Clever, Steve

apple Inception mac steve jobs the internets - 5034856448
Created by Unknown

Apple's New Killer Job

apple csi steve jobs the internets yeaaaah - 5278371328
Created by Unknown


Bill Gates celebutard Congress freedom iphone laws steve jobs the internets - 3805419776
Created by Unknown
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