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Jobs Equals Windows

Bill Gates game show steve jobs TV windows - 5592609536
By SaintLuck

That'd Make Me Feel Pretty Dumb

Bill Gates computers steve jobs - 6439319040
By mochaak

Adam And Eve Deciding on a Phone Plan

adam and eve apple steve jobs web comics - 8386061824
Via Bing

Lost in Translation

rip steve jobs albert einstein funny - 7439645952
By ThePartyhasyettoarrive

I Bet They Couldn't Even Flip a Five

apple Bill Gates celebutard computer PC steve jobs windows - 4823921664
Via gkoogz.tumblr.com

Steve Might Need a Loan for Those Medical Bills. Too Soon?

apple best of week celebutard ceo classic steve jobs - 5127516416
Via www.lolsnort.com

There's an App for That

iphone meme rip steve jobs the internets the social network - 5281561344
By PrincessWordplay


Bill Gates celebutard Congress freedom iphone laws steve jobs the internets - 3805419776
By Unknown


apple ceo steve jobs the internets - 5131399680
By Unknown

Better Than a MetaPad?

apple celebutard ipad ipod Pokémon steve jobs - 4829416704
By Unknown


apple Challenge Accepted love macs steve jobs the internets - 4423775232
See all captions By IamPlastic


macs PC steve jobs the internets - 3796256512
By greenadder

Apple's New Killer Job

apple csi steve jobs the internets yeaaaah - 5278371328
By Unknown

There's an App for That

apple Bill Gates celebutard gps steve jobs - 5023980544
Via iraffiruse.net

Steve Can Now Help God On His Next One

god steve jobs tablet the internets - 5504607744
By llamas96

What Are You Waiting For?

Bill Gates einstein steve jobs the internets - 6149723648
By Unknown
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