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Star Trek


justin bieber lost Star Trek the internets Worf - 4446646784
See all captions Created by thepostmonkey

Kirk is a Jerk!

FRIDAY kirk Rebecca Black Spock Star Trek - 4706410752
See all captions Created by Wook1972

The Importance of Context

Star Trek funny web comics - 7846318848
Via Angry Cuddles


friends jokes Spock Star Trek Xxzibit xzhibit - 3201239552
Created by Hiruma666

No Son of Mine Likes Star Wars

scifi star wars Star Trek - 8597804288
Via TonyDiGerolamo


bill kirk kissing scotty Star Trek - 3267934976
Created by iNick

"Pizza" Is Right There in Your Name!

sign pizza Star Trek - 7028425728
Created by Doomfox

Ahhh Jesus

FAIL google search orphan Star Trek wtf - 5098671872
Created by zeircei

Sneezing: The Next Generation

data Star Trek TV - 6467500032
Created by cratchmaster

It Could Be Pretty Bad...

London news riot Star Trek UK - 5092723200
Created by cptgreenbeard

The Wrath of Kaulitz

kirk picard Star Trek - 4706104064
Created by jgsmith

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Aliens meme Star Trek William Shatner - 5541251072
Created by bvierow

No Wonder The Economy is in Such a Mess

in this economy Star Trek funny - 7832167168
Created by natewinkleman

Brace For Impact

data if you know what i mean Star Trek TV - 6231561984
Created by bass4grace

Spock Obviously Doesn't Pay Rent

jimmy mcmillan Star Trek - 5123558656
Created by mcmagiccracker


bill celebutard facepalm gay jean-luc picard shame Star Trek - 4001071872
Created by noob.saibot
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