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csi destruction Spock Star Trek yeah - 3810646272
See all captions By KittehLover7777

Data, the Cat Whisperer

Cats data Star Trek - 5646112768
Via Benigoat

Nimoy is Such a Joker!

joke Leonard Nimoy phone prank Star Trek - 4588766720
By morchid

If Spock Only Knew

Captain Kirk Spock Star Trek the internets - 6186792960
By slapstick65

Brace For Impact

data if you know what i mean Star Trek TV - 6231561984
By bass4grace

Teh Future is Now

technology sad but true Star Trek funny - 7565400064
By installerblizzake


Death Impending Doom Star Trek William Shatner - 4212185344
See all captions By Caio_Abidala


bones Spock Star Trek - 2904962816
By morgandanielc

One Thing That Isn't Discussed in Star Trek

Star Trek web comics - 8255595520
Via Man vs. Magic

The Importance of Context

Star Trek funny web comics - 7846318848
Via Angry Cuddles


Captain Kirk Spock Star Trek Video - 4256871424
By cptgreenbeard

To Boldly Go Where No Socially Awkward Person Has Gone Before

toys kids Star Trek web comics - 7936541696
By NaughtyLupine (Via Go Comics)

Data is Way too Literal

data literal Star Trek wrong - 4681175808
By phrakk

No Son of Mine Likes Star Wars

scifi star wars Star Trek - 8597804288
Via TonyDiGerolamo


joke Spock Star Trek - 3189580288

Nice Troi, Picard

bees best of week captain picard Star Trek - 5277676544
By jgsmith
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