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Getting Proper Sleep

sleep funny web comics - 7809897216
Via Owl Turd

Aliens Show How Strange Life Is

Aliens mindwarp sad but true sleep web comics - 8380400896
By Derp-a-derp (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Well Just Think About Poor Greedo, He's Dead Tired

star wars sleep alarms stormtrooper funny - 7642856192
Via Right Shift

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

sleep funny web comics - 7913965824
Via Imogen Quest

It Was a Sex Dream

dream sleep - 6699937792
By Reicimo (Via Reicemck)

Wake Up Call

drinking bed sad but true sleep web comics - 8425595904
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Bite Comics)

Why I Hate Mornings

funny sleep web comics - 7924479488
Via Jelly Vampire

The Secret Behind Koala's Happiness

sleep koalas web comics - 8226192896
By guypaterson (Via Smiling Bear)

Computer Bed Time

computers modern living bed time sleep - 7240774144
Via Tastefully Offensive

Doing Things is The Worst

sleep beds funny web comics - 7885832448
Via Sarah See Andersen

The Best Ideas Always Come at Night

ideas sleep web comics - 8755163136
Via victimsofcomics

You Don't Get It, I'm So Tired

best of week internets meme sleep teenagers the internets tired - 5902924288
By Unknown

Dog Sleeping Positions

pets sleep - 7080020480
Via Emlz

Only Best Friends Notice Those Things

gay joke Harry Potter hermione ron sleep - 4986527488
Via g-flavor.tumblr.com

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted alarm clock sleep laziness - 6961369600
Via Reddit

Sleep Thoughts

math sleep sick truth web comics - 8192850432
Via Minimumble