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Never Trust Someone With a Mustache

Via A Hamm a Day

That's Why Sharks Exist

computers relationships sharks dating - 8392926208
Via Bing

That's How Evolution Works

Via Go Comics

The Seal of Trust

critters puns sharks seals web comics - 8328310016
Via Phil Watson

Dude, a Shark!

critters sharks web comics - 8236717056
Via Liz Climo


shark week sharks funny - 7722749184
Via Berkeley Mews

The Pixels Are So Natural

photoshop sharks shopped pixels the internets - 6459287552
By Unknown

Real Women Have Curves

sad but true sharks women web comics - 8370256640
Via Bing

The Government Doesn't Want to Take Them, They Just Want to Have a Waiting Period Before You Buy More

guns government sad but true sharks web comics - 8225821696
Via Mandatory Roller Coaster

Close Call

close call sharks the internets water - 6516578560
Via Lizclimo

How Sharks Really Think

cages sharks shark week web comics - 8355311872
Via Razuto22

Got It Covered

sharks batman funny - 7671739904
By bumfunder

Sharks Are Our Friends

Via They Can Talk

Everyday is a Battle For Survival

otters sharks funny web comics - 7882850816
Via Liz Climo

Sometimes You Have Reasons to Fear Your Own

fear sharks web comics - 8154006016
Via Liz Climo

Important Things of Note

sharks web comics - 8058337024
Via rubyetc
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