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Kristen Stewart's Redemptive Quality

duck face self referential the internets twilight - 6404696832
Created by aspGrabber

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Memes

all right gentlemen self referential the internets yo dawg yo dwag - 6349372160
Created by Unknown


frontpage Inception Movie self referential the internets - 6510063872
See all captions Created by Unknown

Meme Abuse

meme self referential wtf - 6578592256
Created by jc2581

Wut R U Dewing Hook?

boo Movie self referential staph - 6594689280
Created by Unknown

Abort! Abort!

all right gentlemen dolan Memes self referential the internets - 6352589824
Created by PrincessWordplay

Still Better Than Twilight

all right gentlemen self referential - 6491440896
Created by JoanTheMongoose

No Shame

disney Hey movies self referential - 6731862016
Created by daveman2003


comixed lol self referential the future the internets - 3900809728
See all captions Created by Catcommando

Every Time

noob comments self referential - 6718621184
Created by Victini980

I Got to the Vote Page One Time

frontpage lolz Overconfident Alcoholic self referential - 6594461184
See all captions Created by funbuns

Satlr and Wadlrf Pls

dolan muppets self referential TV - 6269651200
Created by PSuzuki

Keep 'Em Coming Boys!

all right gentlemen self referential staph wat r u doing - 6631379456
Created by randerp

Everyone Knows Women on the Internet Are a Myth

internet memebase self referential the internets - 6100539392
Created by lpupppy288

Reframe: Amanda Bynes On Memebase

self referential Reframe crash explosion - 6653201408
Created by Putnum

It's That One Scene From the Avenger's, Right?

From the Movies movies scene self referential the rock - 6250278400
Created by Unknown