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Wait, Does That Mean It's Not That Easy to Get on the Naughty List?

web comics santa Wait, Does That Mean It's Not That Easy to Get on the Naughty List?
Via stbeals

How to Get Santa's Attention

kids santa holidays web comics - 8379421952
By Hohoha (Via Least I Could DO)

Claus & Effect

sad but true santa family web comics - 8408945408
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)


christmas santa Grumpy Cat crying - 6895137280
By Feej

Behind the Scenes of Every Mall

christmas in this economy santa web comics - 8370323456
By pandafart (Via Fat Awesome)

I Don't Think That Was Santa

web comics santa christmas I Don't Think That Was Santa
Via talesofabsurdity

And It Only Cost My Leg!

beard TV santa The Walking Dead - 6917313280
By DunderMiffliNate

Gifts Are Lessons

gifts swords santa web comics - 8403449856
Via Adi Fitri

Santa is a Creep When You Get Down to Brass Tacks

creepy santa web comics Xmas - 8398401280
By EvilLeprechaunPenguin (Via Elpp)

It's the Natural Evolution

web comics santa gandalf It's the Natural Evolution
Via little life lines

Season's Greetings

santa the internets - 5599123200
By PrincessWordplay

He's Gotta Stay Jolly

christmas santa web comics - 7962031104
Via Cyanide And Happiness

Gives a Whole New Meaning to The Phrase Spoiled

christmas santa web comics - 7974192640
Via For Lack of a Better Comic

We Just Skip a Step

web comics santa We Just Skip a Step
Via toonhole

Better Not Pout

conflict santa shadowlurker the internets - 5578675200
By AliPness

Ho Ho Hooooo...

christmas wtf santa - 8594812672
By Tineid (Via deep-dark-fears)
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