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I Said Ham and Cheese!

From the Movies kick ass nicholas cage sandwich - 5072748544
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I Guess Everyone's Happy?

web comics sandwich I Guess Everyone's Happy?
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Take Your Word For It

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The Hero We Needed Just Invented The "Entire-Loaf/Single-Slice" Sandwich

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Nature is Punishing

puns sandwich funny - 7601558784
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Don't Forget the Mustard

best of week samus sandwich the internets - 5104037376
Created by ghost9

When Will My Reflection Show Who I am Inside

dad jokes parenting sandwich - 8599614976
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I'd Rather Have a Sandwich

Aliens best of week From the Movies hermione sandwich star wars women - 5560685824
Created by Dr_Mr_Badman

Making a BLT in 3 Easy Steps

bacon best of week sandwich the internets - 5284783872
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

Definitely, Not Like The Ones Mom Made

grammar peanuts peanut butter sandwich web comics - 8106576640
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A Dream Within a MMMM... Sandwich

homer simpson Inception sandwich Simpsons Did It TV - 5395384832
Created by Unknown

Sadwich Time

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