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The Only Proper Test of The Groundhog's Abilities

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How Most Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fans Felt After Seeing The New Trailer

teenage mutant ninja turtles sad but true mutants web comics - 8126125312
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*Remembers The Primal Sense of Dread Felt at Age 4*

sad but true apples emotions web comics - 8213371392
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Sometimes Getting Started is The Hardest Part

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This Hits Close To Home

computers internet sad but true web comics - 8282013952
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Sorry, Dude

heaven sad but true web comics - 8315880448
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Tragedies Are Bound to Happen

The Walking Dead sad but true - 7241172224
By HazzaBaker

The Next Part of The Substitute Got Shockingly Harsh

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The Origin of Drinking Problems

bunnies drinking sad but true relationships web comics - 8273873408
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Justice is Blind

sad but true priests web comics - 8539177728
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)

How Americans Watch TV

sad but true TV funny - 7800939776
By Kyte314

The World is Yours

fashion funny sad but true web comics - 7907166464
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Guns Out

guns sad but true been there web comics - 8546540032
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Healthcare in America

medicine sad but true web comics - 7977689344
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Places I Keep My Clothes

lazy sad but true clothes web comics - 8105428736
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Sorry, Ralph Pootawn

funny sad but true web comics - 7913735168
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