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Simone De Beauvoir's Existentialist Cooking

Via Robots For Robots

Time Flies

movies sad but true web comics - 8431646976
Via Sarah See Andersen

Advice For New Graduates

Via Mandatory Roller Coaster

The Power of Positive Thinking

Via Exploding Dinosaur

Yo Mama Jokes Can Hurt

jokes sad but true orphans web comics - 8335093248
Via Tubey Toons

A Royal Problem

sad but true apocalypse web comics - 8212490240
Via Pie Comic

I'm Not Racist, But

Via Cyanide and Happiness

All Social Problems Are So Easy to Solve

Awkward sad but true funny - 7541740288
Via emclainable

The Job Market is Incredibly Competitive Right Now

in this economy sad but true web comics - 8426872064
Via Merc Works

We Aren't Too Different From Rats

rats people art sad but true web comics - 8333790208
Via Hyperallergic

The Poor World of Mr. Duck

flowers ducks jerks sad but true web comics - 8116564480
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Monday is Great Day

Via Cyanide and Happiness

Evolving Views

religion evolution sad but true noahs ark science web comics - 8405086464
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Nature's Greatest Hunters

nature birds in this economy sad but true web comics - 8269800192
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)

The Universal Drinking Game

drinking sad but true web comics - 8224479488
Via Toothpaste for Dinner

It's Hard to Read Your Potential Partner's Feeling

Via Pigminted
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