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forever alone From the Movies leonardo dicaprio no friends sad but true shutter island - 4284384768
Created by kaires

The Search For Intelligent Life

Aliens life sad but true earth web comics - 8321300480
Via Aliens UFOs

The Struggle For Truth That Every Copywriter Faces

in this economy work sad but true cereal web comics - 8425878272
Via Time Trabble

So How Many Nuclear Weapons Are There in The World?

sad but true North Korea web comics - 8507832064
Via Scandinavia and the World

Life is Such a Chore

Via The Gentleman's Armchair

Don't Text And Drive

texting and driving sad but true texting web comics - 8397659648
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

Never Forget to Back Up

Via Mandatory Rollercoaster

How I Feel on Different Social Medias

Via Cupcake Toons

But In The End We Will All Be Slaves to Feudal Corporate Lords Who Will Hunt Us For Sexual Pleasure So It Doesn't Matter

Via Savage Chickens

The Most Definitive Comic About Science And Click Bait That Has Ever Been Written

it's too late, sorry
Via Steve Ogden

The State of Affairs in Entertainment Today

sad but true web comics ice bucket challenge - 8323395072
Via Pigminted

A Happy Moment

sad but true parenting social media web comics - 8411816704

This is What Happens if You Saw Tiny Hippo

Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Changing Times

FAIL in this economy sad but true web comics - 8492708864
Created by Slothman48

A Positive Outlook

sad but true smiles web comics - 8147219968
Via null

This is Why Geeks Are So Funny

Via Pie Comics
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