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There's an App for That

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By PrincessWordplay

How Steve Jobs Sees Heaven

best of week Bill Gates rip steve jobs the internets - 5306420480
By vivalapivo

RIP Justin

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"Easy Does it There Lad, You're With Us Now."

Canada rip web comics - 8357106688
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RIP, Maxis


An Epitaph For An Important Creator of Art

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She Obviously Didn't Have Tiger's Blood

amy winehouse celebutard Charlie Sheen drugs rip - 5012935168
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Harry Potter leslie nielsen movies puns rip Sirius - 4218090496
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mask lol rip kurt cobain celeb - 7362406144
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RIP, Prince

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They Took Our Jobs

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Cause This is Thriller!

love michael jackson pedobear rip teenagers - 4550803712
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Simply Tragic

fun bags rip the internets - 6070439424
By Unknown

Lost in Translation

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By ThePartyhasyettoarrive


apple Bill Gates meme rip steve jobs the internets - 5280721920
By Boat