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Don't Take That Sh*t for Granted

Via sebsoe

Who Needs Dieting?

web comics Who Needs Dieting?
Via glittermeat

A Crappy Way to Join a Gang

Via Scorched Earth

Probably Should've Kept it In

disney poop cartoons frozen web comics - 8106233600
By Hohoha (Via Least I Could Do)

That's Why They're Always Hanging Out There

web comics flies That's Why They're Always Hanging Out There
Via lonniemillsap

Some of The Crappiest Commenters on The Web

poop comments youtube sad but true funny - 7580726528
By Alejandro112

Disgust is Mutual

poop gross disgusting web comics - 8349775616
Via Lolnein

You'll Be Fine as Long as You Can Read Emoji, Right?

web comics eyesight You'll Be Fine as Long as You Can Read Emoji, Right?
Via talesofabsurdity

Either Way, Great Find!

dogs web comics Either Way, Great Find!
Via theycantalk

Boys Will Be Boys

poop boys Mars curiosity funny beaches - 7510617088
By nlswash

All the World's a Bathroom

bathroom birds comic poop - 6526919936
Via Lizclimo

Cutting Back on Utilities Is Sh*tty Business, Man

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animals Dog Fort dogs lol military poop Predator - 4267070976
By Unknown

You Ruined It!

artists poop drawing - 6687186432
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

The Real Piece of Sh*t

poop art lol web comics - 8792832000
Via Samuringa

It's Madness I Tell you!

cat poop stealing house litter box madness - 6788393216
Via Sofa Pizza
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