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Meanwhile, on TLC

kill me now pig TV - 6538243328
By djcat595

What Entering the Workforce Feels Like

Via Jim Benton Cartoons

Always a Good Move Before Getting Ribs

food pig web comics - 8007307520
Via Liz Climo

Stuffing Yourself

pig cute animals stuffed - 6677149440
By Sup123 (Via Lizclimo)

Gaga Loves the Minecraft

celebutard lady gaga minecraft pig - 4686306304
By Sedative

What Would Happen if Animals Could Talk?

yolo pig web comics - 8233923328
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

The Truth Hurts Man

truth pig web comics - 8493390848
By majic13 (Via dungeongrind.co.uk)

Pigs Are Great Comedians

jokes pig critters web comics - 8328050688
Via Dakota McFadzean

I Lied Cried

bacon no pig the internets - 5435766528
By fangblade94

Bad Example

yolo pig talking comic food - 6943145216
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Eating Local

portland pig food bacon web comics - 8490345984
Via Angry Cuddles

The Only Permit Ron Needs

ron swanson parks and rec pig TV - 6866972928
By Nobody-

Happier Than a Pig Among Guinea Pigs

guinea pigs TV pig - 7111568896
By thebun118

American Meat Eaters in a Nutshell

rules pig Cats web comics meat - 8333750528
Via Dakota McFadzean

He'd Have Hated Us All If We Lived in a World Devoid of Bacon, Man

religion pig funny bacon web comics - 8797901824
Via LegacyControl

Spin The Bottle

pig marriage kissing web comics - 8275104000
Via Tubey Toons