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Chill You Just Bought The Phone

phones technology sad but true web comics - 8356291072
Via Toothpaste For Dinner

Share To Save His Life

phones modern living priorities funny web comics - 7890270976
Created by Mark ( Via Coffee And a Bullet Proofvest )

I Didn't Know Those Items Slept With a Bunch of People

keys phones web comics - 8267596032
Via Go Comics

A Lot of People Need This

phones web comics - 8240439040
Via The New Yorker

Who Looks Stupid Now?

phones smartphones funny stupid web comics - 7765877248
Via Lol Nein

The One Fatal Flaw That Smart Phones Possess

cellphones phones gifs web comics - 8148633344
Via Lolnein

Prank Called The Wrong Guy

phones liam neeson - 7380713216
Created by Jayhawk95

New Technology Brings Unimaginable Possibilities

phones technology web comics - 8247505408
Created by DerHoppse ( Via Der Hoppse )

No Signal

phones web comics - 8100081664
Created by _Elizabeth_ ( Via Loading Artist )

Dead Phone

phones guinea pigs web comics - 8076216576
Via Joe GP

Phones Are Changing

phones sad but true funny web comics - 7888750848
Via Owl Turd

Notifications Are Pushing Me Over The Edge

Via Left Handed Toons

Timmy Makes a Prank Call

dumb phones prank web comics - 8323387136
Via Tim Tom Timmy

Phone Problems

phones liam neeson whoops batman - 7244583424
Created by Toraken1

First World Problems Sure Have Changed

phones history sad but true First World Problems g rated AutocoWrecks - 7380138752
Created by PrincessWordplay

A Situation All Too Many Parents Know About Nowadays

Babies apps parenting phones web comics - 8323372032
Via Nathan Fakes
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