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Is This a Trick Question?

Aliens funny parents - 7816996864
Created by kenbaker

Using Technology to Fulfill a Lack

Via Unscene Comedy

Voldemort Tells a Pretty Good Joke...

Harry Potter joke parents voldemort - 4678875392
Created by SG

True Love Waits

Via Lunar Baboon

Good Boy!

learning adulthood parents - 8757377024
Via anemonelost

A Great Parenting Trick

wtf gifs kids parents web comics - 8380866304
Via 101 cheshirecat

Full Disclosure

gifs sad but true issues mom parents - 8558363136
Created by whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse ( Via www.bitercomics.com )

Stealth Father

parents web comics - 7979209984
Via A Hamm a Day

That's What Happens When You Don't Knock, Dad!

dogs wtf puns parents web comics - 8333743360
Created by JestaBlunt ( Via Angry With The Universe )

The Different Talks Parents Go Through

kids race sad but true parents politics web comics - 8288854784
Via Cagle

That Didn't Help at All

kids Death afterlife parents - 6815368704
Via Keaton-Stoos


batman parents penguin Riddler the joker villains - 5863383552
Created by Estarfigam

Good Thing His Parents are Dead

superhero memes batmom
Via The New Yorker

The Mirror of Erised: Who's the Loneliest of Them All?

dead forever alone Harry Potter parents - 4853283072
Created by Unknown

That's Why He Wasn't In It

From the Movies parents Spider-Man The Avengers - 6296641536
Created by Unknown

Want to Hear a Good Knock Knock Joke?

batman best of week joker knock knock me gusta parents - 5586952192
Via FYeahAlbuquerque
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