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Getting Ready

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Your Origin Story

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It Might Be Better For Him at That Age Anyways, Illiterate Dad

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A Clever Trick

webcomic - Cartoon - GOODNIGHT SWEETIE! I HOPE You DoN'T GET ABDUCTED Did you take all that gar bage out like I asked? Sure iP'P www.lunarbaboon.com
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I've Been Working Out, You Little Brat

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Spiderman at Home

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Things You Can Only Do With Boys

wtf sad but true parenting web comics - 8346353664
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Fishy Genetics

DNA parenting mutants web comics - 8323375104
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The Gods Must Be Crazy

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What Most Kids Hope To Be When They Grow Up

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You're No Salamander

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Parental Guidance

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Some Sprinkles, Too

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I'm Horrible

Babies wtf funny g rated parenting - 7791593728
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Eat Until the Starving Kids in Africa are Full

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Babies Know How to Keep It Real