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At Least the Stop Bar Is Straight

genius painting the internets - 6304060416
Created by Unknown

Was That so Hard?

doctor painting tutorial - 6704353536
Created by phankamer

God's Day Off

best of week day off god its-jesus painting - 5185071104
Created by Moshmellow


art bob ross painting reaction guys sex - 3283503104
Created by Claf

I'd Say

black-eyed peas painting parks and rec TV wtf - 6507766016
Created by Unknown


art sad but true painting funny - 7527268352
Created by dkegley870

Art is Hard

painting Vincent van Gogh web comics - 8396952064
Via Berkeley Mews


bob ross painting the internets - 3176848128
Created by riseagainst

Painting is Such Sweet Sorrow

art painting dating web comics - 8235214336
Via Hyperallergic

Transferable Skills

kids painting web comics - 8571177216
Created by whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse ( Via Biter Comics )

Painting Something a Solid Color Is Harder Than It Looks

art painting the internets - 6018223616
Created by Unknown
artwork with a fat cat thrown into the subject matter for good measure and clean fun

Fat Cat Art Is Our Favorite Way to Enjoy Famous Paintings

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That Explains a Lot

art painting the internets - 6191790336
Created by Unknown

Hope You Feel Good About Yourself

art best of week hitler painting the internets - 6216805888
Via Isnichwahr

Art is Hard

art painting sad but true web comics - 8257357056
Via Noitego


painting Tenso - 3034498304
Created by Aeno
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