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And I Thought It Stood for Brazil

olympics pants TV - 6534916608
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Japan olympics reaction guys wtf - 3238278656
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But At Least Now You Know About This Sport?

web comics olympics sports But At Least Now You Know About This Sport?
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Seriously? Have You Heard Them?

British London olympics one direction the internets - 6463262976
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web comics olympics gold medals Zing!
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Remember: It's Not a Sprint to the Finish Line

From the Movies gold olympics - 6402488320
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Almost the Best Rule Change Ever

bikini olympics rainbow the internets - 6038466304
Created by holden22

Talk About a Close Race

sports Sochi 2014 olympics - 8074460928
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Sounds Like Usain Bolt

olympics photoshop puns - 6487134976
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Time to Return Home in Shame

buying olympics the internets - 6324702208
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Raiders of the Lost Mehhhh

face melting meh Movie olympics - 6519602432
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First is the Worst

Sochi 2014 olympics web comics - 8067098624
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God I Hope This Isn't One of Those Prophetic Web Comics...

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Meanwhile, in North Korea...

best of week China news North Korea olympics russia the internets - 6494042624
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