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The Current Generation Will Age Gracefully

sad but true old people generations web comics - 8425872384
Via Pie Comic

That's a Good Question

question old people - 7756619776
By signet02

What Do You Gain From Getting Older?

sad but true old people web comics - 8412550912
By Derp-a-derp (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Kitchen Prep Just Took a Turn down a Dark Alley

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And We Didn't Make Jokes About Old People on It

internet old people the internets - 6327725312
By Unknown

This is Way Too True

Via Fowl Language Comics

The Good Old Days Weren't So Good

sad but true restaurant old people racist classic web comics - 8406311680
Via Toonhole

Back in My Day

Via Mandatory Rollercoaster

Wishes Can Be Granted

birthday wishes old people web comics - 8313726976
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old people Ron Burgundy the internets - 3387463424
See all captions By Loftis

The Truth About Senior Night

Via 9 Mens Misery

Where Did Grandma's Dentures Go?

birds old people grandma teeth web comics - 8314991104
Via Iguana Mouth

Reactions to Selfies By Age

phones gifs kids old people selfie - 8482803456
Via Cupcake Toons

It Happens to Us All, Grandpa

sad but true old people web comics - 8038215424
By Unknown


miscommunication Music old people - 4192940288
See all captions By ericsigurdson


alzheimers jk joke old people TV - 3962394880
See all captions By ericsigurdson
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