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North Korea

When Kim Jong Il Raids Your Sock Drawer

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By tidders007

Authority Figures Across The World

North Korea usa royalty web comics - 8342541056


facebook Kim Jong-Il kim jong-un North Korea photos politics shame the internets - 4073775616
See all captions By andnowfor

Meanwhile, in North Korea...

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By Unknown

North Korea vs. South Korea

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By Headbanger93 (Via The Oatmeal)

So How Many Nuclear Weapons Are There in The World?

sad but true North Korea web comics - 8507832064
Via Scandinavia and the World

Another Day on The Border

North Korea psy south korea - 7270043136
By Feej


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By Unknown

North Korean Style Died With Kim Jong Il's Sunglasses

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Via Pleated Jeans

I Wonder How WW4 Will Pan Out

sad but true North Korea Memes - 7303539712
By Unknown

South Korea is so exPSYting

North Korea psy - 7256738048
By wiggadewah

Kim Jong-Un Must Be Hungry

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By Cubonator

Sony's Sign

Sony North Korea web comics - 8408383232
Via Chattanooga Headlines