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Someone save Krabs!

one direction Music TV - 6664560896
By Leo17453

Sadistic Torture

teenage mutant ninja turtles Music nicki minaj funny - 7745271296
By wolflover1115

She Sang of Obvious Things Before Rebecca Black

Music Rebecca Black you dont say - 5800847872
By Unknown

Yep, Tha'ts What I'm Like

anger cee lo girl Music - 4765878272
By Unknown

He Also Likes the Jonas Brothers, So...

From the Movies justin bieber Music Zach Galifianakis - 5068338688
Via pandu

Fun Tip For Waking Up Refreshed

Songs Music web comics g rated - 8010506496
Via Owl Turd

Not Buying It

justin bieber Music TV - 5668678400
By Lydjuh

Marshall Mathers. M&M. Mother of God...

eminem Music rap the internets yo dawg - 6123026432
By vandle89

Every Musician's Habits

Via Toy Box Art

Isn't All Music Other Peoples?

Music web comics - 8202392576
Via Toonhole

Imma Let You Finish, But Kanye Is the Greatest of All Time

amazing best of week kanye kanye west Music - 5509747456
By Unknown

Jagger/Jagged, Same Thing

meme Music song - 5215966976
By Galimatias

Making a Mess

diapers jersey shore metaphor Music snooki wtf - 4517041664
See all captions By aria_seaskull

Not Even Magic Can Save You Now

justin beiber Music Harry Potter Movie - 6796076544
By Unknown

Lindsay Lohan Is Looking Good These Days

awesome Music punk Sad the internets - 5916212736
By Unknown

Maybe Because You're Left-Handed?

guitar homeless Music - 5934614016
By Unknown
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