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Muppet Babies

best of week kermit muppets video games - 5214473984
By tetzauh


education money muppets statler the internets TV twilight Waldorf - 3488741376
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Martian Muppets vs. Meowing Malcontents

muppets nope martians - 6727864576
By TuckerBentley

Today's Episode Is Brought to You by Facepalm

facepalm fox news muppets politics TV - 6175990272
By Maddmatt

Die in a Fire?

celebutard fire justin bieber muppets - 4704916224
See all captions By coolsguy17

Satlr and Wadlrf Pls

dolan muppets self referential TV - 6269651200
By PSuzuki


bad movies m night shyamalan muppets statler the internets Waldorf - 3488764160
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How Do You Party?

animals best of week muppets Party party hard the internet the internets - 5553955584
Via The Frogman


muppets news puns statler the internets Waldorf - 3566465536
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Ladies and Gentlemen... Fozzy Bear!

best of week mordor muppets the internets - 5354776064
By RangerRick (Via gallery.raccoonfink.com)

Uh Huh, Uh Huh, Uh Huh

muppets funny - 7774290176
By spoman

Damn Charlie You Scary

kermit muppets sad but true - 4542075136
See all captions By Boat

Lady Gugly

celebutard disease lady gaga muppets ugly - 4704927744
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black swan costume muppets Music natalie portman - 4463010560
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