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Help, Daddy!

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The College Experience

college monster web comics - 8255200256
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Well, the Fire's Out

fire monster web comics Well, the Fire's Out
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Captain Kirk monster Star Trek the internet when you see it - 4437212416
See all captions Created by bravophone

Great Parenting

web comics parenting monster Great Parenting
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The Perfect Temperature

fear monster sleeping web comics - 8220651520
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See, Not All Monsters Are Mean!

web comics monster parenting See, Not All Monsters Are Mean!
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Oh, Brain-Farts

cthulhu monster web comics - 8082140160
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Childhood Monsters

kids mirrors web comics monster - 8299877888
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I See Nothing out of the Ordinary Here

web comics monster I See Nothing out of the Ordinary Here
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Getting Older is Terrifying

nature frogs monster web comics - 8419990784
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The Nightmare of Existence

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celebutard celebutards From the Movies gremlins lady gaga lol monster movies - 4057631232
See all captions Created by LokNWykLeer

I Don't Want That Kind of Angel

monster angels funny - 7463163136
Created by artbargra

The Problem With Finding The Perfect Sleeping Temperature

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Best Kaiju Dad

dads godzilla kaiju win web comics monster - 8544000000
Created by Luchabro ( Via Iguana Mouth )