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Michael Bay

Optimus Prime's Descent Into Depravity

Michael Bay sad but true transformers web comics - 8237822208
Via The New Yorker

Unless Michael Bay Directs This One Too

transformers Michael Bay my little pony - 7512529408
Created by Bhbhbhhh

You'll Never Believe What Michael Bay's First Job Was

Michael Bay web comics - 8482948096
Created by whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse ( Via Biter Comics )


awesome explosions From the Movies idiots Michael Bay movies - 3853889024
Created by Unknown

And Some Aliens for Good Measure

Aliens explosions Michael Bay Movie the internets - 6454973440
Created by Unknown


admiral ackbar From the Movies Michael Bay movies star wars transformers - 3616263680
See all captions Created by impliedorimlpode