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We Can All Like Things That Aren't Real

men mammaries women - 7295214080
By druid5

How to Hug Your Fellow Man

men instructions - 6759121920
By meganeguard (Via Gunshow Comic)


attention babes clones face replace face swap men school the internets - 4022343936
By Unknown

Welcome Back

marriage men web comics - 8400182272
By Snake73

Men Are Simple Minded

men thoughts web comics - 8174764288
Via Twisted Sifter

The Definitive Guide to Hugging a Man

men hugs web comics - 8232724224
Via Gun Show Comic

How Do They Know?

internet history men the internets women - 5753155840
By vtstav

If Men Gave Birth

men sports web comics - 7843219200
Via Bizarro Comics

A Hairy Situation For Men

men beards web comics - 8140563712
Via Depressed Alien

Guess I'll Just Have to Buy Some More

best of week cloths men the internets video games - 6214130944
By Unknown


men homophobic seal gay - 7022799360
By Jim-Bobert

That's How It Works

men legs ladies women - 6906034944
Via Eat More Bikes

Prickly Face

face men beard women cactus - 7025009920
By knife-hider

Jurassic Troll

dinosaurs From the Movies jurassic park men troll women - 4775399424
See all captions By mpknighit

That's Just an Idiom

web comics men heart That's Just an Idiom
Via infinitemonkeybusiness

Uh, Maybe You Should Keep Working on It Robot Comic

robots web comics Uh, Maybe You Should Keep Working on It Robot Comic
Via marvelouspatric
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