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Better Than a Slime Snake

worms critters makes sense web comics - 8009268992
Via Art JCF

Why Did They Design Toilet Stalls With That Weird Space Beneath The Barriers?

wtf mindwarp makes sense toilets web comics - 8295190016
Via I Love Stupid

The Story of Cats

web comics wtf makes sense Cats - 8007308800
Via Cat Versus Human

Paradox Averted

remotes makes sense time travel web comics - 8333509376
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)


animals cows makes sense poker face wtf - 4362365952
By thefailninja

So That's Why They Do That

Cats glasses cups makes sense web comics - 8346449152
Via r1pREV123

So That's How That Happens

fingers makes sense web comics - 8248849408
Via The Awkward Yeti

Why Vacuum Cleaners Are So Loud

Via CIS HET White Oppressor

Impairment Begins After One Drink

anatomy drinking makes sense funny - 7622014720
By signet02

Why Else Would You Time Travel to 1913 Vienna?

history time travel makes sense web comics - 8432757248
Via This Isn't Happiness