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6 Comics That Remind You About The Lessons Learned During Childhood

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Another Opinion About Life

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All The Best Kid Games Teach Important Survival Skills

Via Pie Comic


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By Unknown

There Is a Guide, It's Just Better to Let Yourself Be Surprised

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Via wronghands

Life Lesson...

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By Maxpowaa (Via Zen Pencils)

Why It's All So Silly Sometimes

Via Elvin Dantes

Pillow Philosophies

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By wiscwisc (Via consolia-comic)

For Some, This is The Only Way Out

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Via Death Bulge

Life's Simple Pleasures

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When Life Gives You Lemons by All Means Don't Make Lemonade...

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Via Jim Benton

Will I Live Forever?

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By ericsigurdson
shark comics

The Secret Life Of Sharks Hilariously Described In These Awesome Comics

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A Horrible Way to Live

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By QuillaInk
Collection of funny web comics.

Morning Funnies: 20+ Comics That'll Get You Chuckling

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