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If You Think You Can Take us, You Must Be Cucco

legend of zelda web comics If You Think You Can Take us, You Must Be Cucco
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The Legend of Zel, Duh

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Anyone Else Nostalgic for the Minish Cap?

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11 Lovely Comics About the Legend of Zelda

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Old People Always Seem to Know When a Storm's Brewing

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If Legend of Zelda Was More Aware of The Fourth Wall

legend of zelda swords video games web comics - 8486935552
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Right in The Childhood!

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Mission Accomplished!

web comics video games Mission Accomplished!
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Link Buys Coffee

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Such a Fail

legend of zelda facepalm Videogames funny - 7626420736
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The Next Reboot of The Legend of Zelda

guns legend of zelda video games sunglasses web comics - 8306473216
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What Sorcery is This!?

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