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knock knock


doctor who knock knock puns reaction guys sci fi TV - 4025224192
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Never Trust a Joke Telling Animal

animals best of week cute knock knock panda - 6276681984
Created by Unknown

Knock Knock

knock knock gross inappropriate dates joke - 6814674944
Created by Blakham ( Via Bootleggedpork )

Who Is There.

bad joke knock knock the who Xxzibit - 4872193280
See all captions Created by LittleWalken

I've Got News...

cancer doctor i accidentally knock knock - 4896516608
Created by RainbowMuffinz


knock knock legs puns the internets - 4422851840
Created by ciccioleo

A Play on Words

best of week knock knock TV winnie the pooh - 5684409088
Created by Unknown

Want to Hear a Good Knock Knock Joke?

batman best of week joker knock knock me gusta parents - 5586952192
Via FYeahAlbuquerque


From the Movies keanu reeves knock knock kung fu matrix Morpheus neo - 4366710528
See all captions Created by nataliesharp


africa celebutard jokes knock knock rick astley rick roll the internets - 3708381440
See all captions Created by godwhite3