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A subtle knife. A simple instrument, but in a deft hand, a wonderful bladed implement. 

I Get Your Point

knife pun the internets - 6094959360
Via Eat That Toast

It's How Many Pages!?

knife book - 6871700736
Created by Unknown

Those Puns Were Killer!

best of week knife puns the internets - 5738399488
Created by ProblemOfficer132

It's Seriously Delicious

batman best of week From the Movies knife nutella - 6004733696
Created by henno

Just Because Ears Are Big, Doesn't Mean They Hear Everything

Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Sad But True

jaws knife nature sad but true shark - 4542828032
See all captions Created by bass4grace

Devons Are All Douches

Via Poorly Drawn Lines

It Always Wins

Badass knife winning shark rock paper scissors - 6851199744
Via The Frogman