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The Eight Ball Never Lies

MAGIC 8-BALL romance girls kissing web comics - 8232886272
Via Berkeley Mews

A Twist on The Old Trope

dragons kissing web comics - 7975140864
Via Jim Benton

One of The Better Parts About a Relationship

cute relationships kissing web comics - 8210262016
Via Pie Comic

Dating Girls With Long Hair

dating sad but true kissing web comics - 8154029312

Gotta Stay Fit

kissing muscles funny web comics - 7819874048
Via Three Word Phrase

You Asked For It

kissing nose the internets wtf - 6396801024
By Unknown

Me Likey

girls kissing sexy times thumbs up - 4611235072
See all captions By h2ocean

Can You Photoshop Us in The Same Picture?

romance photoshop kissing funny - 7667164160
Via Nik Nak 79

This Fight Just Got a Weird

fight kissing web comics - 8102323968
Via Owl Turd

They're Just so Life-Like

dafuq? TV kissing painting - 6797255424
By sknywhtboy88


bill kirk kissing scotty Star Trek - 3267934976
By iNick

Princess Andy

princess parks and recreation TV kissing - 6655129344
By Beanbot


admiral ackbar britney spears celebutard celebutards kissing Madonna mon calamari star wars teeth - 3545948416
See all captions By pilgrimTT


boobs celebutard justin bieber katy perry kissing reaction guys TV - 4120913664
See all captions By annepierbu

A Clean Love

kissing relationships web comics - 7982819072
By callenro (Via Gone Into Rapture)

Spin The Bottle

pig marriage kissing web comics - 8275104000
Via Tubey Toons
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