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Kim Jong-Il

When Kim Jong Il Raids Your Sock Drawer

i am disappoint Kim Jong-Il North Korea the internets - 5090347008
By tidders007

Fairy Tale Ending

best of week fairy tale Kim Jong-Il snow white the internets - 5595651840
Via FYeahAlbuquerque


family Kim Jong-Il kim jong-un North Korea politics - 4059154176
By Unknown


facebook Kim Jong-Il kim jong-un North Korea photos politics shame the internets - 4073775616
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North Korean Style Died With Kim Jong Il's Sunglasses

gangnam style Kim Jong-Il North Korea south korea - 6580707584
Via Pleated Jeans

Never Believed In God Until Now

best of week dead justin bieber Kim Jong-Il the internets - 5586182656
By Nesis1337

Which One's Next?

dead Kim Jong-Il the internets - 5336553216
By SwimmmerX

Scumbag Kim Jong-il

Kim Jong-Il politics scumbag - 5585076480
By PrincessWordplay