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That Thing Could Park Anywhere!

fry meme kids the internets toy - 5024690688
By petitpomme

Dumb Questions

kids teachers questions web comics - 8189852928

An Chip Off The Block

ducks kids parenting web comics - 8372387584
Via Fowl Language Comics


classic From the Movies Harry Potter kids Music rock ron the Beatles - 4055844096
By Unknown

How To Pick A Birthday Present

kids presents web comics - 8760776960
Via Thebinarylanguage


caught Chris Hansen kids pedobear reaction guys Sad yikes - 4466365952
See all captions By Grahambert

That Didn't Help at All

kids Death afterlife parents - 6815368704
Via Keaton-Stoos

A Father Get's Asked an Unusual Question From His Daughter

kids sad but true parenting web comics - 8456769024
By Derp-a-derp (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Nothing Can Stop It

web comics aging kids Nothing Can Stop It
Via Drawn Closer

Sneak Peak of "Despicable Me 2"

despicable me kids boys names funny - 7486456064
By artistperson

The Magic of Fatherhood

kids parenting wizards web comics magic - 8178714368
Via Pie Comic

Give Me Back My Free Time and Money!

kids money web comics - 8753816576
Via Thebinarylanguage

Music is a Curse

Via Fowl Language Comics

Parents That Have to Deal With Sick Kids Will Relate To This

Via Fowl Language Comics

The Many Types of People

dogs kids sad but true web comics - 8012612352
Via Lunar Baboon

Getting Ready

Via Lunar Baboon