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Fur? I'd Rather Go Naked

fur kid peta - 4514392576
Created by horekim

Goldilocks and the Marital Problems

marriage kid - 7055918592
Via Twitter the Comic

Dat Ass!

dat ass kid mother of god TV - 6529637888
Created by Louise Lowe

Geodude Used Swim. It's Not Very Effective

brock kid Pokémon the internets - 4863534336
Created by Unknown

What Chu' Say?

confused kid Tenso wtf - 4632284928
Created by beefsteak91


animals horse kid - 3251195648
Created by HeavyDRock

Totally Wants in on That!

anonymous kid pedobear - 4533219840
See all captions Created by POLARB


celebutard kid - 4792497664
See all captions Created by Wook1972

No One Has Ever Thought of This One

kid SOON squirrels funny - 7476980992
Created by batboysdad