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best of week celeb ego kanye west lol Music saturday - 5742432768
By Unknown

I've Got The Biggest Appetite of All Time! Of All Time!

kanye west death note TV - 6629972992
By KhazWolf

The Upper Limit of a Bad Mood

kanye west web comics - 8537008640
By rawfishandbeer (Via Mandatory Rollercoaster)


celebutard kanye west taylor swift waldo - 3431506176
See all captions By Arneruled

The Media Nowadays

kanye west Media sad but true web comics - 8306449152
Via Hugleikur Dagsson

You Ain't Worth Interrupting

kanye west katy perry the internets - 6490150400
By meganeguard (Via Memeblock)

Yo Snape, Lemme Finsih

Harry Potter kanye west snape voldemort - 4986399744
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cartoons kanye kanye west South Park - 2982234112
By johnnyjedi

Even The Kids at Hogwarts Like Kanye

Harry Potter kanye west neville longbottom voldemort - 4986558208
Via cam0l777.tumblr.com

So Lonely, So Hungry

eat food forever alone hungry kanye west the internets - 4894105856
By Viktor_Alekzander

A Reasonable Reaction

beyoncé kanye west reaction - 7058419712
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More Like The Yeezus Lizard

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I'm Gonna Let You Finish

sad but true kanye west funny web comics - 7878079488
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Imma Let You Finish, But Kanye Is the Greatest of All Time

amazing best of week kanye kanye west Music - 5509747456
By Unknown

Kanye is Kanye's grandma

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