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How About No

how about no dr evil air quotes Music justin bieber - 6965888256
By php_kid


celebutard fear justin bieber parents will smith - 4286572800
By abcagent


Canada staph Drake justin bieber - 6683739648
By Unknown

Denial, Anger, Then a Solution

explosion justin bieber lil wayne Music - 5203094784
By TownIdiot25

Just Consider Yourself Lucky You Don't Know

interview justin bieber Ozzy Osbourne pop music the internets - 6374869760
By littledevil9

Tweeting the Truth

celebutard gay joke justin bieber twitter usher - 4864854016
By Unknown


celebutard jk justin bieber logic michael jackson Music race - 4152438016
By Unknown

Classic: Isn't There Another Option?

classic justin bieber - 6998330368
By EpicDitto

Worse than Bieber..?

cereal guy justin bieber Music Rebecca Black - 4563216384
By AzelNC


From the Movies guns i am disappoint justin bieber nicholas cage - 4062832640
See all captions By Renovatius

He Also Likes the Jonas Brothers, So...

From the Movies justin bieber Music Zach Galifianakis - 5068338688
Via pandu

Not Buying It

justin bieber Music TV - 5668678400
By Lydjuh


celebutard celebutards gender issues girls justin bieber - 3835611648
See all captions By ialucio365

Sosa Won't Like This...

al pacino justin bieber movies murder ouch - 4503264256
By camo85

Compromise Actually Works

celebutard choice compromise justin bieber Rebecca Black - 4989211904
By Unknown


justin bieber Ozzy Osbourne reaction guys - 4407480064
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