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jk power rangers TV Xxzibit yo dawg - 4283253504
See all captions By nucklebones

Just Wait And See About This

Via Cyanide and Happiness

Thanks, Obama!

jobs in this economy jk politics - 7155429376
By Unknown

Is This Really The Difference Between Men And Women?

gender jk sexism wtf web comics - 8204829440

Check Your Super Privilege

superheroes batman jk funny web comics - 7881256192
Via My Boosical Rhapsody


fish growing up jk kids the internets thief time travel - 4089000704
By Unknown


From the Movies grades guns jk kids school the internets - 4295289088
By assarabdagr8

The Politics of Profile Pictures

facebook jk politics - 7170577152
By JCage19

Mastering Dark Souls is The Perfect to Way to Understand Dating

dating dark souls jk relationships web comics Videogames - 8143769344
Via Ronin Press Comics

Oh Jimmy...

Clark Kent dating jk puns superman - 4504824832
By TTTERocks


celebutard jk justin bieber logic michael jackson Music race - 4152438016
By Unknown

Joker Stop That Right Now

batman heath ledger jk joker racism the future - 4423106560
By KarateBugmen

Awkward Arnie

batman dead parents jk - 4512094976
Via sofapizza.tumblr.com

RIP Feminism

feminism jk - 7148409344
By PrincessWordplay

Lions, Tigers, and...

animals bear jk lions snow tigers white powder wizard of oz - 4472650496
By Mabbus


babes cosplay face replace face swap jk kids the internets - 4383399936
By Mike T. (Via i.imgur.com)
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