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How to Get Ahead in This Economy

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By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)

Well Peak Oil is Bound to Happen

sad but true in this economy printer oil web comics - 8328447232
Via I Raff I Ruse

The Most Common Use For an English Degree

Via Invisible Bread

Nowadays Economic Freedom is Hard to Ask For

Via Teddy And Tom

Thanks, Obama!

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By Unknown

What It Feels Like Getting a Paycheck as an Adult

Via BFF Comics

The Devil Has a Question For You

Via Extra Fabulous Comics

Changing Times

FAIL in this economy sad but true web comics - 8492708864
By Slothman48

Guess We All Are Kind of Drowning, Eh?

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Via Jeremy Kaye

The Shallow End

in this economy sad but true business web comics - 8541733888
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)

The American School System in a Nutshell

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Via Rock Paper Cynic

There's a Ton of Micro Transactions Though

in this economy Stock Market video games web comics - 8409462784
Via Invisible Bread

How Rich People Play Fetch

Via Pie Comic

Another Day In This Economy

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By Derp-a-derp (Via Depressed Alien)

A Historical Look at Tax Rates

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While on The Search For Future Employment

Via Bethaney Joseph