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And it Happens Again

smartphones idiots funny web comics - 7761725952
Created by UrbanDrawer ( Via For Lack of a Better Comic )

What Most People Who Talk About Science Online Look Like

science idiots web comics - 8241504512
Via Amazing Super Powers

That Was My First Thought Too

Cats idiots nerds pikachu Pokémon - 4472823040
See all captions Created by Arc_Troope10

Hatred Makes You Dumb

characters idiots web comics - 8143802368
Via Jeniac

Cellphones Are Making Us Stupider

Via Loading Artist


idiots lol planes public schools TV - 4409971200
See all captions Created by pokemonruler


holidays idiots literal thanksgiving the internets - 4198460672
Created by Unknown

The Hypocrisy of Everyday Vice

government vaccines idiots web comics - 8259513088
Via C Section Comics

An Age Old Argument

climate change science idiots web comics - 8257383424
Via Cagle

That's Not a Techno Song, That's Just a Modem From The '90s

Music scar idiots questions - 7373846016
Created by Otoshimo

90% of My Classmates

school sad but true idiots web comics - 8424934656
Via Bing


From the Movies idiots Inception jk omg - 4331422464
See all captions Created by Habbener

That's Why He's Named, "Moron" in Your Phone

phones scar idiots texting - 7342015232
Created by Otoshimo

What's Behind You?

Via Death Bulge

Higher Education

facebook idiots funny - 7664359424
Created by wanginator95

Gararm is Itpromant

wtf grammar idiots funny - 7573129728
Created by Unknown
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