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From the Movies idiots john travolta pulp fiction Samuel L Jackson - 4368582912
By Unknown

Whenever One of My Coworkers Say I Can't Be a Real Gamer Because I'm a Girl

feminism gifs idiots web comics - 7984667392
By Unknown

What's Behind You?

Via Death Bulge


From the Movies idiots Inception jk omg - 4331422464
See all captions By Habbener

If You Can't Stand The Heat, Don't Light Yourself on Fire

fire idiots web comics - 8091993088
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

A Discussion About Free Speech

Free Speech sad but true parties idiots web comics - 8401809152
By Steve (Via Maximumble)

Wat R U Saying?!

Videogames idiots funny - 7533898752
By masterfeja


holidays idiots literal thanksgiving the internets - 4198460672
By Unknown

Just My Conversation

conversation dubstep girls idiots Memes the internets - 5670077696
By paranoidtrip

What Most People Who Talk About Science Online Look Like

science idiots web comics - 8241504512
Via Amazing Super Powers

Homophobia: The Fear That Gay Men Will Treat You The Way You Treat Women

eyes idiots web comics - 7939991552
Via Cartoon Politics

90% of My Classmates

school sad but true idiots web comics - 8424934656
Via Bing

An Age Old Argument

climate change science idiots web comics - 8257383424
Via Cagle

One Can Never Be Completely Sure

comics wine idiots funny g rated - 7997291264
By Unknown

Yes, That's Why It's Important to Lift

phones scar lion king idiots - 7165491712
By Otoshimo

Cellphones Are Making Us Stupider

Via Loading Artist
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