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Getting Flashbacks From Dark Souls II

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The Heart And The Brain Have a Conversation Regarding The Stars

stomach heart space web comics - 8202634752
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Take Chances, Make Mistakes?

ouch heart magic school bus - 8751805952
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I'll Be Luigi if You Just Stop Talking

heart brain video games web comics - 8416040960
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Didn't Have the Heart For It

adoption heart Insanity Puppy meme the internets - 5366070272
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Poor Ma-Ti

captain planet heart pollution TV useless - 5782259200
Created by belagio10

But I Just Found Out Air Buddies is On

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Sorry, Ma-Ti

captain planet heart sad but true web comics - 8399485440
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The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things

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Rub It In His Face

animals forever alone heart the internets - 5316565248
Created by sekkuar

I'll Be Luigi if You Just Stop Talking

brain heart video games web comics - 8241505792
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What a Tool

heart gifs medicine puns doctors - 8455419136
Created by oty003
heart feelings list dark souls swords brain batman web comics - 649477

The Brain And The Heart Have a Strangely Conflicting Codependent Relationship As Illustrated By These Web Comics

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Homophobic Lego Man

heart homophobic seal the internets - 6373458432
Created by Unknown

A Way to Man's Heart

heart romance puns food funny web comics - 7819845888
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Although With Pikachu, Feelings Get Complicated

ash Pokémon heart choices - 7305930240
Created by solidjoff
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