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Harry Potter

Not Bad

dat ass Harry Potter hermione - 5211519744
Created by mrmrr

JK Rowling: First Billionaire by Books

Harry Potter j-k-rowling stephanie meyer twilight - 4953065728
Created by berryfield

Look Who's Talking

best of week darth vader From the Movies Harry Potter star wars voldemort - 5148295936
Created by mcmagiccracker

Lies I Tell You!

Harry Potter lies Movie eyes snape - 6792732672

*Wink wink, nudge nudge*

bath cedric diggory gay jokes Harry Potter - 4496653312
Created by loveLANA ( Via potteraddicted.tumblr.com )

He Is?

From the Movies Harry Potter Movie voldemort - 5982700544
Created by Unknown

Simpsons Did It

Harry Potter Simpsons Did It wizard - 5192881920
Created by berryfield

Used Obliviate, Became Instant Hipster

deathly hallows Harry Potter hermione hipster - 4900902912
Created by NotImportantPerson

The Mirror of Erised: Who's the Loneliest of Them All?

dead forever alone Harry Potter parents - 4853283072

The Only Thing That Magic Can't Save at Hogwarts

Via A Poudlard

Moses: Winning Since the 13th Century BC

dumbledore Harry Potter moses the internets - 4819976448
See all captions Created by XOXMSperfect

Don't Wanna Talk About It

Harry Potter hermione - 5251759616
Created by berryfield

Now Let's All Get Rich

best of week From the Movies Harry Potter Lord of the Rings movies star wars Supernatural - 5878990592


From the Movies Harry Potter kanye twilight - 2908584704
Created by ze_bra

Ginny Sleasley

bj From the Movies Harry Potter - 4842426368

Buzzkill Vader

dumbledore Harry Potter snape star wars vader - 4801050368
See all captions Created by cwalter5