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Harry Potter

Look Who's Talking

best of week darth vader From the Movies Harry Potter star wars voldemort - 5148295936
By mcmagiccracker

Lucy. And Snape. Blast Off at the Speed of Light

Harry Potter Pokémon snape Team Rocket - 4962642944
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Harry Sees Her Trollin'

celebutard emma watson Harry Potter hermione granger troll face - 5010474240
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This is How Harry Got His Scar

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Harry Potter Vs. Star Wars

best of week comparison From the Movies Harry Potter movies star wars - 5575561728
By Unknown

Used Obliviate, Became Instant Hipster

deathly hallows Harry Potter hermione hipster - 4900902912
By NotImportantPerson

Oh Snap!

Harry Potter nose voldemort - 4720886528
By Voldy

It's so Realistic!

Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter photoshop the internets - 6502467328
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Calm Your Sh*t Hagrid, It's Chill

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LOL Harry You Got Voldetrolled

deathly hallows Harry Potter rage troll voldemort - 4965154560
By Slinkyjim

Origin Story

best of week From the Movies Harry Potter movies origin - 5934395392
By Comrade_N

Yer A Blizzard, Harry

blizzard From the Movies Hagrid Harry Potter Movie - 6288656896
By adamzopzop

Troll Voldemort

Harry Potter indestructible troll voldemort - 5802292224
By Jmdjorgeek

I Will Devour Your... Wait, Ginger. Nevermind

Owl Movie ron Harry Potter - 6345376256
By TurtleLeg

Fooled Me...

Harry Potter moustache - 4917360896
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Never, Frodo!

celebutard frodo Harry Potter Indiana Jones lego - 4692540160
By PTP010