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That's Just Awful

web comics grammar That's Just Awful
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english FUUUUU grammar language microsoft the internets - 4256632832
Created by Autopunk

Medical Emergencies Are No Joke

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Ray Parker Jr. Has Got Some Logic Problems

dwight schrute glasses grammar - 4554412544
See all captions Created by TheSnake

Stickler For Grammar

grammar wheel of fortune web comics - 8025353984
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Heil Spellcheck!

brad pitt From the Movies grammar Inglorious Basterds - 4999152896
Created by amandathehunter

Made an Important Discovery in Time for the 100th Comic.

Comics - Why would you double space after sentences? Fuckin' Twitter. How do they expect people who double space after sentences to work Umm, because you're Supposed to? with 140 characters? FUCK. Yeah, back when we Used typewriters. You're not wrong. Bullshit I figured it was just something everyone forgot to do, like cursive. Guy, look at any website. But Ive typed a hundred comics worth of blog posts, comments, replies, tweets... Yes. Good job on the one hundred comics thing, though. All of t
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Tracy Does Good

30 rock best of week good grammar superman well - 6032869632

I'll Fix That for You

grammar hipster the internets youre - 5938770944

And Don't Interrupt Me!

grammar teacher spelling - 6850237952
Created by jc2581

For the GNs

cillian murphy grammar grammar nazi Inception leonardo dicaprio puns - 4526164992
Created by Mr.Stathis

Definitely, Not Like The Ones Mom Made

grammar peanuts peanut butter sandwich web comics - 8106576640
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The Crime is in The Details

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Clearly Lost His Hand for Saying 'Octopi' Back in the Day

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Harsh Grammar Lesson

grammar cannibalism classic web comics - 8133882624
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Easy Grammar Guide

grammar web comics Easy Grammar Guide
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