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Tall People Can Relate to This

drinking ducks critters giraffes web comics - 8284619008
Via Liz Climo

This Fact Has to Be Lion

lions funny giraffes seems legit - 7565378560
Via McJay

Giraffes and Miley Are Tight

miley cyrus funny giraffes - 7770011392
By Unknown

You Weren't Serious, Right?

web comics giraffes noahs ark You Weren't Serious, Right?
Via theycantalk

100% True Facts About Giraffes

funny giraffes true facts web comics - 7898120704
Via Jeremy Kaye

I'd Say Go Back to Where You Came From, But It Melted

zoo polar bears giraffes web comics - 8280793856
Via Bigfoot Justice

What Else Would a Giraffe Want For Christmas?

presents holidays giraffes web comics - 8408388608
Via Liz Climo

Animalistic Deceit

gifs critters snakes giraffes web comics - 8436500224
Via Left Handed Toons

Create Drunk, Edit Sober

Via imitationlobster

The Weird World of Words

Via Pie Comic

Cold Out, Eh?

elephants giraffes web comics - 8380882688
Via Liz Climo

Using Your Size to an Advantage

critters ants giraffes web comics - 8379876608
Via Bird And Moon

With Great Power, Comes Great Opportunities to Abuse It Wisely

Via piecomic

One Year

Via mythdirection

Things Giraffes Hate

hate movies sad but true giraffes web comics - 8026233088
Via Pleated Jeans

Don't Make Me Yelp

giraffes puns restaurant web comics - 8242640896
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