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Pandering Level: Genius

genius Mitt Romney politics pun - 6602007296
Via The Laughing Dalek

At Least the Stop Bar Is Straight

genius painting the internets - 6304060416
By Unknown

I Always Have My Best Ideas in the Shower

best of week genius ideas shower the internets - 6166095872
Via Butter Safe

But, If You Mount Solar Panels on The Rooftops

treadmills zombie genius funny - 7645015552
By spunklemunk

The Best Idea Since Twitter

twitter trolling genius web comics - 8767396864
Via thebinarylanguage

Tutorial: How to Be a Hip Hop Artist

genius the internets tutorial - 5584709888
By PrincessWordplay

Hey Patrick, Your Genius Is Showing

cartoons genius SpongeBob SquarePants - 6348603648
By yellpaige

Ur a Genius!

genius meme nicolas cage rage face the internets you dont say - 5548487424
By LOLZ_Gabby

You Got It All Wrong

albert einstein best of week fish genius Memes the internets - 5902870528
By Unknown

But Where Will We Find the Sand to Fill It?

beach genius - 6584936704
Via Pleated Jeans

Cant Tell if Stupid Or Just Rich...

table genius rich - 6986551808
By frankjay187

Go for the High Score!

health genius - 6797176832
By TeeDub121

Hermione Is Impressed

Harry Potter movies hermione genius apple - 6935473920
By mcarter4


swag sunglasses genius taylor lautner - 6681958656
By Unknown

Hide and Seek Genius

best of week cute dinosaur genius hide and seek the internets - 6390275328
Via Lizclimo


cartoon network genius all right gentlemen - 6977392128
By PrincessWordplay
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