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This Says A Lot About The Kind of Man You Are

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Via Incidental Comics
gender differences in infographics

15 Differences Between Men And Women In Infographics

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Not Sure If Want

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Created by Mr_Joekzalott


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See all captions Created by Navtsi

The Last One Bugs Some Spirits

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Via Poorly Drawn Lines
Brilliant comics about gender roles and household duties

A Feminist Comic About The Gender Wars Of Household Chores

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Bad Parents

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On The Oregon Trail, Dissing Can Be Dangerous

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Created by Unknown

More Equal

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The Danger of Giving Your Son a Doll

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Via Maximumble

Statistical Gender

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Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics )

Misgendering in 2k16

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Is This Really The Difference Between Men And Women?

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