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Happy and gay all day long. Love yourself and enjoy all the upbeat humor you can handle.

Thank God

gay slenderman - 6589906176
By Unknown

I Don't Wanna Hear It

feelings gay tears the internets - 5902465280
By Unknown

Probably Not How It Works

fashion kids gay web comics - 8167198464
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

If The Government Wants to Solve Problems They Better Read This

god wtf government mindwarp gay jk web comics - 8267296256
By FatherofGray (Via Medium)

Spiders in Denial

Via Pidjin

Same Sex Marriage Vs Interracial Marriage

marriage gay Statistics - 8341523200


men homophobic seal gay - 7022799360
By Jim-Bobert

According to The Internet, Yes

balls dogs gay web comics - 8339219200
By FatherofGray (Via Fur Affinity)

Stories of My Coworkers

family gay god marriage web comics - 8267590912
Via Pigminted


bill celebutard facepalm gay jean-luc picard shame Star Trek - 4001071872
By noob.saibot

This Seems Like Something That's Happening Today

religion medieval gay web comics - 8152121856
Via Bizarro Comics

Hey Now, It's Important to Be Tolerant

kids parenting gay web comics - 8293829632
Via Death Bulge

They Look so... Fabulous!

gay internet news - 6608491520
By Unknown

Oh, Dr.Kelso

gay kelso old scrubs TV - 6151147264
By regulardude2468

Well That's a Sign of The Times

gay signs web comics - 8252419072
Via Pyramid Slayer

Why You Should Never Insult Nobility

Via 9 Men's Misery
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