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U Mad Gandalf?

From the Movies gandalf Lord of the Rings u mad - 5655306240
Created by SkySceneRock

Pffft! Only Seven Dwarves

dwarves Movie snow white gandalf The Hobbit - 6857192192
Created by grarrrg

I Should Play Something Else...

Lord of the Rings password gandalf - 6623022080
Created by Unknown

I Doubt the Lonely Mountain Has WIFI

Lord of the Rings gandalf sad but true - 7165514752
Created by PrincessWordplay

I Am Not a Conjurer of Cheap Photoshops

best of week From the Movies gandalf Lord of the Rings Movie photoshop - 6216281344
Created by F3artact1cs

Mean Fellowship

Lord of The Ring movies gandalf mean girls - 7083131392
Created by Unknown

Gandalf Stole the Nugs

From the Movies gandalf Lord of the Rings marijuana - 5001366016
Created by Unknown


Cats cheezburger gandalf happy cat Lord of the Rings puns Sad the internets wizards you shall not pass - 4377137408
Created by Unknown


november gandalf - 6725543168
Created by MailleMan

Whitest Joke Ever...

frodo From the Movies gandalf Lord of the Rings white - 4754234368
Created by Jiggles150

The Lord of the Upsell

best of week gandalf the internets you shall not pass - 5743136768
Created by PrincessWordplay


celebutard From the Movies gandalf lady gaga Lord of the Rings magic - 3219228928
Created by Vorian9223

You're Only Embarrassing Yourself

gandalf twitter Lord of the Rings facebook - 6980642048
Created by Unknown
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